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About Rugs Rugs


Since 1999, Rugs Rugs has brought comfort, style and glamour to homes and businesses across the world. Rugs Rugs is a Texas-based company with multi-generational roots in the rug industry.

Through the years, Rugs Rugs has scoured the globe and built lasting relationships to bring our customers luxury and quality at attainable price point. Rugs Rugs believes every home should be not only beautiful but also comfortable, inviting and lived-in.

Every rug on the site is hand selected by one of our rug experts, creating fabulous and unique collection of affordable yet luxurious rugs for your home. 

Whether your personality is Boho-Chic, Mid-Century Eclectic, French Country Comfort or a mix of all three, the team at Rugs Rugs works hard to provide something for every taste. 

At Rugs Rugs we understand that oftentimes you need to be able to see and feel a rug in-person before being sure that it is the perfect fit. That is why Rugs Rugs offers free shipping and easy returns on any rug.