Love Love Love
February 10, 2017

Love Love Love

Valentines Day ombre roses

Valentine's Day is the season of love, and here at Rugs Rugs we are certainly falling in love with these gorgeous looks for your home.  In the spirit of V day, here is how to incorporate the colors of love, pink and red, into your home.




Were certainly blushing about this rug.  Blush pink is the perfect color if you are keeping it neutral and toned-down.  Pastel pink will add a subtle pop of color to muted shades of creams, browns, and grays. Try our Susan rug!




If you’re looking for more of a modern style, pops of red always compliment your room.  Red goes great as an attention grabber in rooms with mainly black and white décor. Our Hendrix rug is the match for you!