Small Spaces: accessible rugs for college dorms and apartments
July 25, 2017

Small Spaces: accessible rugs for college dorms and apartments

It’s about time to move into a fresh room for the new school year. A brand new dorm room you can design however you want is perfect for trying new styles or revamping your unique design. However you wish, we have the perfect rugs priced at low, affordable prices. Ranging in all colors and styles we’re sure you can find the perfect match from our College & Apartments list.


If you want a vibrant pop of color to your small space here is what we suggest. The Chad is a soft, flat woven kilim rug made from 100% cotton. Incorporating different colors and textures woven into the center as well as playful tassels, The Chad is perfect for adding a pop of color to the bland floorings of dorm rooms.

Comes in yellow (The Chad), pink (The Heidi), lavender (The Cary), blue (The Meg), orange (The Ford), and denim (The Eloise).



On the hunt for intricate patterns to spice up your floor? The Corban’s hand-woven bold pattern can define any room. Made from wool and cotton, The Corban’s unique triangular pattern comes in grey (The Coen), black (The Clinton), and ivory (The Corban).


Cozy textured 

If soft, cozy, and fluffy is your rug love language, then we have the perfect shags and flokatis for you. The plush and furry Madeline rug will make your room inviting and the ideal hangout place.

Other colors include white (The Madeline), grey (The Ryan and The Shelley), pink (The Susan), and yellow (The Jennifer).


Modern Traditionalist

For all the traditionalists out there, a classic style rug with a youthful color palette can make your college living area mature yet young at heart. We love the traditional concept of The Lesie rug with its rich navy color to make it ideal for a modern room. Others include The Richard, The Gretchen, The Natasha, The Molly, The Gail, The San Mateo, The Oceanside, The Modesto, The Fremont, The Olympia, and The Schaffer.

Look for more styles and colors in our featured collection: small spaces for college dorms and apartments.

Cover image rug: The Richard in pink